Fair Lawn Muay Thai Kickboxing

Head instructor Augie Matias with over 30 years martial art experience teaches the traditional art of Muay Thai. Coach Augie has fought in the ring, has trained fighters and cornered over 100 times for amateur and professional fighters.


Want to get in shape?

It would be hard to find another workout that provides training like ours. One hour burns about 800 calories. We are all family with one goal. To get in the best shape of their lives. Increase cardio conditioning, increase strength , increase flexibility, replace fat with muscle. Gain Confidence with a Legitmate Martial Art that has been proven to work in the ring and the UFC.

Typical Class schedule:

  • Jump rope 10 mins
  • Shadow boxing 5 mins with strength training 5 mins
  • Thai pad work 4x 4 minute rounds with 30 to 45 sec rest periods
  • Clinch Training 15 minutes
  • Muay Thai partner drills 20 minutes
  • Optional Sparring 30 minutes
  • Optional Clinch Sparring 10 minutes cool down with situps, pushups, and strength exercises and stretching


Safety is our highest priority, training is done with a controlled environment. Coach Augie is a Registered Nurse with Intensive care experience for Adults and Pediatrics.

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