MK Muay Thai Testimonials

Igor Ostrovsky

“I have been a student at MK Muay Thai for over 4 years. When I started I was in terrible physical shape, little to no martial art experience and only a naked desire to get in shape. Augie and the other Krus are not only super professional, but love their craft to the point of contagiousness. The classes are structured in such a way that both beginners and advanced students are engaged at 100%. Overall, the school has a very down to earth feeling that Augie cultivates. Experienced students will often work with beginners to coach them on form and technique. I highly recommend MK for any level student, from those simply wanting to get in shape to experienced combat sportsmen.testimonials”


“My son Lucas has been training Muay Thai with Kru Augie for roughly 4 years. As a result of his training , Lucas has become more disciplined and focused. I highly recommend Kru Augie as a Muay Thai instructor because I trust him with my son Lucas.”

Dave Pitshone

“I have always looked for a place to work out, lose weight, and feel good about myself. Every time I signed up with a gym, I found myself being bored. 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, 20 minutes on the treadmill, and then I’m standing there thinking, OK, now what? “What should I do now?” My choice was to go home because I was done. I did not work-out with anyone, and did not have the push anymore to do anything else. At times I didn’t feel like going to the gym because it either rained or snowed. I also found myself wasting my hard earned money because I simply didn’t go to the gym for months. This has been going on for years. I finally decided to do something different. I decided to give MK Muay Thai a try. I immediately found myself working out with other people and they were helping me make the right moves. The instructor Augi Matias is amazing. Not only that he knows what he is doing but he also cares. He has a lot of patience for anyone that needs assistance, and will instruct you until you get it right. I’ve been working out for two years with MK Muay Thai and feel part of the family. Not only that I want to work-out every single day, but also feel guilty if I don’t show up. I lost 15 pounds the right way and feel great. I recommend MK Muay to anyone that wants a great workout and feel good about themselves.”


“I cannot say enough great things about this school and the instructor. I remember not knowing much about martial arts and walking into Muay Thai class. I am so thankful I just walked in and tried it because I ended up loving Muay Thai! The classes are so much fun and at the same time, you get an awesome work out. Augie is THE BEST!!! I cannot emphasize this enough! He is extremely knowledgeable about martial arts in general and has helped me develop my game. His classes are full of energy and provides much personalized attention. Anyone that walks through the door is treated like part of the family. I highly recommend Augie for everyone. If you are looking for a Muay Thai gym where you want to feel at home, grow in and even take your training to the next level and compete, I would recommend this school. If you are looking to keep fit and keep your kids active and in shape, I recommend this school. And if you are first starting out, we've all been there! Just give it a shot! You will love it and you will love us! ”


“In the three years I have been training with Kru Augie and MK Muay Thai I have grown healthier physically and mentally. Attending Augies class has helped improve my concentration, flexibility and it's a great release from the pressures of the day. The dedication and personal attention he gives during class are second to none, and I make it a point to attend as many classes weekly as I can. It's not just a place to go, its a culture and experience that has been incredibly beneficial to me in many ways.”